Google @ Series

UK Roadshow 2014

Google wanted a change of tack for its Google @ series of conferences in 2014. After the large-scale conference format held at major venues like BAFTA and Kings Place the previous year, Google wanted a more personal touch for its 2014 roadshow.

The brief was to ‘take-over’ part of the offices of 10+ advertising agencies and brand owners for a few days, to provide a flavour of the Google culture.

This posed a challenge for WONDER. We needed to create a space that would encourage people to interact with Google technology; but how could we build assets that would work across multiple venues, many of which we would have no prior access to?

Our solution was to create a micro-environment concept that could slot into any venue – it expanded and contracted depending on the space. And it would fit through a standard size door!

The concept featured a range of stylish, multi-functional modular assets that could be used in isolation, or as part of a collection. These included the Google lounge, play pods, a YouTube screen and the hugely popular Google kitchen.

As a lasting Google legacy for select locations, we were asked to convert meeting rooms using semi permanent features.


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