Google @ Series

UK Roadshow 2013

Google came to us to create a series of eight Google @ conferences to be held at BAFTA, Kings Place, Mayfair Hotel and Lancashire County Cricket Club. The brief gave us the creative freedom to ‘do what you want, as long as it’s Googley’.  

The aim of the conferences was to educate advertising executives on the capabilities of Google tech. They took a standard format: a half-day programme combined with networking sessions. But having worked out over the years what ‘Googley’ looks like, we knew nothing else about the Google @ series could be run-of-the-mill.

Our challenge was to make a creative, modular stage set and networking area, which could be transferred between venues with minimum adjustments to keep costs down.  We wanted a fun and engaging networking space that would make guests feel like they’d walked into a Google office. So we created an Alice in Wonderland-style garden environment, complete with privet hedge registration desk and seating pods, grass seating islands, oversized flowers, real topiary trees, fluffy clouds, LEGO catering stations and blue-sky thinking benches. Well, you would, wouldn’t you?

The fantasy theme carried through to the main presentation space. We designed a wrap-around stage set with edge-blending projectors to create a seamless, unified image across three massive screens. We could also split content across the three screens, which worked well for branding and secondary material.

The set encouraged conversation and compelled people to interact with each other – and the space itself.

Ben and WONDER have consistently delivered very high quality events for me. They are creative, professional, slick and a joy to work with, in that they fill me with confidence.

Sarah Speake, Strategic Marketing Director, Google UK & Ireland


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