Think Conference

Royal Opera House  |  London  |  February 2013

It's always good to work at a prestigious venue like the Royal Opera House. But while the Paul Hamlyn Hall is a beautiful space, it’s a production challenge on many levels.

Firstly, we only had overnight access to set up, beginning just eight hours before show time. Plus it’s a huge space to fill, and has abundant natural light, which meant that video content needed a large LED screen – intensifying the amount of work to be done in a few short hours. 

We also needed to integrate some existing set assets into the space – namely Google’s 7ft-tall, mirrored THINK letters and lectern. Then there was the brief: make the event feel like previous 'Think' events, but look different.


Our design featured a sweeping, curved stage set with an off-centre, overhead LED screen, and LEGO ‘THINK’ letters in the networking areas.

The effect went down a storm with the client and guests alike. And we can happily report that the LEGO letters survived the day unharmed, and made it safely back to take pride of place at Google’s offices.

Firstly, a HUGE thank you from us for making sure that everything ran so smoothly today ‐ I think we all agree that things have never gone so utterly hitch‐free at an event. You were fab and your team were an utter delight to work with ‐ calm, happy, friendly and very efficient ‐ so well done to them too.

Ciara Brett, Events Manager , Google UK Think Branding


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